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Updated: May 1

This was a fun one! Who doesn't love 1920's Speakeasy themed parties? HLC Events was invited last-minute by Salt City Event Co to run a personalization & gift booth for their client, NOLHGA, during an evening cocktail reception. This event was particularly fun for us because we were given the freedom to create an event-themed design for the coasters that were being given away that night.

HLC Events artist sitting at the gift table, with a traditional heat debossing machine and type set for personalizations for the gifts on the table; which include custom leather coasters and branded strap keychains

After a little back-and-forth, we landed on a cute 1920's flapper couple with wine barrels and the company name in a prohibition-era style font. The stamp was cut in-house and pressed into gorgeous 4" round English Bridle leather coasters. I'm completely in love with this leather, it has a durability and satin-feel that is unmatched! Then paired with a monogram of your initials in gold just elevates the entire thing for some very powerful brand impact.

A rich brown English Bridle leather coaster with a custom designed "1920's Speakeasy" stamp, including corporate branding and a gold debossed monogram personalization

The strap keychains, offered in the same leather type but with the company's original logo, were also very popular and many guests mentioned that they made excellent luggage tags for strapping an extra purse or carry bag to.

With multiple foil colors and fonts to choose from, along with a variety of leather and hardware colors, the guests were able to really personalize their takeaway - making it unique, fun and impactful. These are the sorts of experiences that make an event memorable.

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