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As many of you know, HLC Events is a dba of Hellhound Leather Company and so has access to a full 20+ years of custom leathercraft experience and a fully outfitted shop. This means that sometimes we get called to craft something a little more unique than the usual gift or promotional items run for an event.

Over the summer we were requested to craft an enhancement to event signage. The event signs were designed with "mountain summits" in mind and the event coordinator asked if we could create a leather "mountain shaped" piece that could stick to the outside of the sign and then be easily transferred to other signs throughout the duration of the evening. The opportunity to craft a hand-tooled custom leather event sign? Yes please!

Foam board sign for corporate event with beautiful hand tooled leather mountain scene enhancement

The event coordinator for the Strider Summit event, the lovely Julia from Salt City Events, provided us with the basic sign design file shown below. From there, we matched overall image dimensions and got to work.

Event sign mockup with mountain scene for custom leather sign design

After some design time, cutting and a couple of hours worth of tooling, Gavin created a beautiful mountain scene, complete with vivid details of trees and wildlife - far exceeding the expectations of the client and leaving everyone happy with the result.

The custom leather sign piece was then secured to the signs with velcro stitched into the edges of the leather. The series of standard 24" x 36" foam board signs were then lined with corresponding velcro sides so that the leather piece could be easily moved from sign to sign, depending on the next session or sign need.

Beautiful hand tooled custom leather sign for event signage in rich brown leather showing mountain peaks, trees and wildlife.

After the event, Salt City Events reported back to us that the beautiful sign was a huge success! The client was so in love with the work, they even bought the leather art at the end of the event!

Thanks to Salt City Events for the really cool idea!

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