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HLC Events was hired for a personalization activation at this years June AAMI eXchange in Long Beach California. Tradeshow vendor halls are some of our favorite events!

We arrived for the three-day tradeshow an hour prior to the opening of the vendor hall and headed to our host's booth to setup and get ready for the crowds. This year we were hired by Medigate (by Claroty), who provided us with a table at their booth and 750 luggage tags for the event. Each blue luggage tag was branded with the Medigate logo and it wasn't long before the line started to form!

The great thing about tradeshows is that gold foil personalziations of ANY item get people excited and without fail a line always forms at the booth. This gives the host a great opportunity to speak with their "captive" audience as people wait their turn for a personalized luggage tag. Personalized swag will always draw crowds and nothing sets you apart from competitors on the tradeshow floor like live gold foil debossing. Its a highly impactful brand activation when your guests see their name in gold; elevating the gifted item, maximizing brand recognition and ensuring the gift is never thrown away.

Over the course of the vendor hall, we personalized and gave away 730 of the 750 luggage tags and declared "one of the coolest booths at the show"! We had stiff competition with Blue Cross Blue Sheild booth and their incredible laser engraved coffee, but what's better than on-site personalized luggage tags for your vendor booth at the tradeshow?

Unfortunately, due to a catastrophic phone loss, we have no images of the actual event or the products that we debossed for guests, but you can take my word for it: Medigate's branded blue luggage tags and their beautiful gold foil personalizations were a huge hit at this year's tradeshow!

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