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Leather Working Tools

Leather Craft



Craft your own masterpiece

Come together over a unique and personalized experience made for real connections and creativity. Enjoy a guided leathercraft session that will leave attendees and guests with both a sense of accomplishment and a self-crafted keepsake. 

Sewing Leather

What's included?

Ideal for small-group experiences, we can cater this workshop to corporate retreats, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions etc. This hands-on guided experience will introduce guests to different types of leather, common tools and design. After a brief introduction into the world of leather, guests will enjoy a complete guided leathercraft session on how to construct a unique leather item to take home!

What to bring?

Nothing! Hellhound Leather Co is a full time artisan leather shop, so we provide all of the materials and tools you will need.

How long is the experience?

Depending on the item being created and the number of attendees, typical leathercraft workshops run between 1.5 to 2 hours long.

Any location or venue requirements?

Leathercraft is loud work full of pounding and banging, so preferably a location that doesn't mind some extra noise. Also, each participant will need a seat at a table that is sturdy and doesn't bounce about easily; think, "Heavy and stable" when it comes to tables. 

What if we want a casual craft during a social hour?

Not a problem at all! We love social hour mini-workshop experiences! We offer a variety of smaller items that are simple to craft and fun for all skill levels. We provide all the tools and instruction necessary for your guests to hang out, drink and talk while crafting a keepsake they'll love!

Custom Designed Moments & Memories

When we can, we love to cater the experience and the crafted items to the theme of your event. Share your ideas with us and lets see if we can find the perfect workshop experience for you!

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