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Wedding Decorations

Wedding Favors

For An Unforgettable Experience

"This is the most meaningful and beautiful moment of your life and forevermore you will look back on this day as the starting point of your greatest adventure. For rich or for poor, health or sickness, through all obstacles and ultimately triumphing over challenges; this is the day you say "I do" to every moment." 


That Wow

Holding Hands
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Authentically You

Let us help you tell your love story by finding the perfect wedding favor & personalizing it for your guests in a way they will never forget. 

Whether you want hand-engraved stemware, wine bottles, travel accessories or Old World leather goods... We are excited to hear your love story and be a part of the team that brings your dream to life!

A Keepsake to Cherish

We share the singular events of our lives with our friends, family and loved ones that they may experience our joy with us. It is the day your guests will remember fondly as they witnessed your profound commitment and unparalleled love for one another. 

HLC Events provides your momentous day with personalized and elegant guest gifts that serve to make a deep and lasting impression with your audience.  Professional and skilled artists set up a station where your guests can observe the creation of timeless wedding favors and help make the memories of your perfect wedding last forever.

What styles we offer


Personal and permanent, hand etched glass calligraphy performed on-site in front of your guests makes their gift even more momentous and lovely.

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We offer a wide array of elegant leather items, crafted by hand in our shop, that can be personalized for your guests with on-site leather monogram stamping.


Beautiful and elegant, gold embossing personalization can be performed on leather items that we craft, or guest gifts that you provide.


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