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Glass Calligraphy

Live On-Site Glass Engraving Calligraphy & Etching  for Brand Activations, Trade Shows, Parties or Weddings

Our Process

What is Glass Engraving & Etching?

"To engrave glass is to embark on an absorbing and rewarding experience of working with light. The mysterious qualities of glass - a liquid metal caught in a moment of time and requiring both fire and water in the making - appear magical. Glass engravers capture, enhance and celebrate these qualities in their work and endeavour to communicate them to a wider audience." -- Glass Engravers Guild

The word Calligraphy literally means "Beautiful Writing" ~ Calligraphy is a wonderful way to add beauty and excitement to guest or attendee gifts. We specialize in Copperplate engravers script and carefully engrave attendee names, initials or short statements into the item and apply what is called "faux calligraphy" using a small hand-held drill. We are able to perform hand calligraphy etching to most glass items that have a clean, smooth surface.

Custom glass engraving performed by hand in front of your guests or customers is ideal for distillery or brewery brand activation events or trade shows. Custom etched calligraphy also looks stunning on perfume bottles and is a powerful way to draw attention during a beauty supply brand activation event. Personalized engraved glassware make wonderful wedding or party favors and always leave your guests wowed. 

Setup requirements are minimal - all we need is a 6 or 8 foot table and a few chairs. We don't take up much space and we're easy to work with!

What items can be monogrammed?

If sourced and provided by you or your event manager, most glassware with a clean, smooth surface can be engraved. We also have plenty of glass items that we source ourselves. 

  • Wine Glasses

  • Champaign Flutes

  • Liquor or Wine Bottles

  • Decanters

  • Perfume or Cologne Bottles

  • Stone Coasters

  • Glass Coasters

  • Mirrors

  • Mirror Compact

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