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Did you know that HLC Events also offers customized small group leathercraft workshop events? The owners of HLC Events, along with every employee, are professional leathersmiths with a thriving custom leather business and 20+ years of experience. HLC Events is a dba of Hellhound Leather Co and runs the "mobile brand activation & experiential marketing services" side of the business and we are well-suited to host small group leathercraft workshop experiences and facilitate an enjoyable and beginner-level class for private groups or corporate events. Participants have a wonderful time creating their own keepsake, no experience needed!

Corporate retreat sign for "Camp Gremlin" featuring three gremlin logos for Gremlin software and the tagline, "Come play with us"

HLC Events was invited to host just such a class for Gremlin software at their "Camp Chaos" corporate retreat this summer during one of their break-out sessions.

A pair of glass pint jars wrapped in leather with a leather handle

For participants that didn't want go hiking or do other outdoor activities, HLC Events leathersmiths brought all the materials, tools and know-how for participants to walk away with a stamped leather coaster and pint jar mug wrap, perfectly in line with Gremlin's "summer camp" theme. The leather jar wraps came in a variety of pre-cut pieces that were to be rivetted together, a handle to be stitched and small spaces to personalize with the crafter's name.

The leather coaster blanks were branded with the Gremlin logo on the back and left clean on the front to give participants a chance to stamp a variety of designs into the surface using traditional leather stamping tools. With flowers, honeycombs, shells and spots, basketweave and geometric designs, participants had endless possibilities to customize their full grain leather desk coaster exactly they way they wanted.

Each seat was turned into a mini leathercraft station where guests were provided with a series of punches and rivet setters, a maul, a setting stone and pounding/cutting mat, their jar and a series of acrylic templates. With all the tools they might need, HLC Events instructors guided the participants through a successful crafting of their personal mug wraps.

With a class of 25, the room was filled with the sounds of pounding (leathercraft is loud!) and hammering punches and rivets. Questions were answered and beginner crafters guided into a successful experience and everyone walked away with their own, self-crafted and personalized, corporate retreat keepsake.

Leathercraft workshop experiences offer something new and exciting for smaller events that will keep guests and participants talking about for a long time!

A stamped leather coaster and leather wrapped mug created by a participant at a corporate leathercraft workshop activity

Many thanks to Gremlin software for the great leathercraft workshop experience! What a fantastic group of people!

Gremlin logo

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