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Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Not to brag, but we can really pull it together last minute - this is one of those moments.

On the morning of February 27th we were asked if we could provide a gift booth for the Golden Birthday Gala of Shalee Taylor (the vibrant Shalee of @kingandqueenofcountryswing) later that night!

We had about five hours to pull together a couple of raffle items, wine goblets for engraving and a few leather journals and bags for a giveaway. Luckily we had a few things around the shop ready to go.

Beautiful couple performing a dance lift at a 27th Golden Birthday party with custom lighting and balloon creations in the background

We packed up, bought wine goblets, and headed to Provo. The event was held at the iconic Southworth Hall , providing the perfect backdrop with worn wood floors and beautiful exposed brick. The stunning balloon construct was provided by, creating just the right touch of fun and texture. I have to be honest, balloons were never my thing, but Bre and Co makes them so delightful I've changed my mind. The lighting, which is often overlooked but makes all the difference, was provided by @moonlightutah - from the gorgeous chandeliers and lights on strings, lanterns and lighted letters.

Jenn offered hand engraved calligraphy on wine goblets - which everyone always loves. Seeing your name elegantly scripted across glass? Lovely & permanent? Who can turn that down?

Hand engraved glass calligraphy is always one of those things that people find fascinating, they love watching the art happen live. Our professional calligraphers are quick and skilled, etching personalizations for event guests and creating an impactful memory.

The view from behind a glass wine goblet tower with personalized engraved wine glasses

Calligrapher sitting at a mobile glass etching personalization booth

Gavin ran the leather debossing station, adding gold debossed personalizations & initials into leather magnets, journals, bags and prizes. Leather, iconically sophisticated, adds an instant element of class to an event. Our artisan crafted journals & bags were well received and guests adored seeing their names pressed in gold into the leather.

On-site debossing and personalization services for birthday party favors

Guests line up to have their leather party favor personalized at the debossing station

HLC Events at a live glass calligraphy event, providing personalized party favors to guests

All in all, an incredible evening for an incredible lady. Many thanks for Grant and Shalee for inviting us to join the fun!

HLC Events personalization services review

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