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Foil Stamping

Live On-Site Foil Stamping for Brand Activations, Trade Shows, Parties or Weddings

Our Process

Get Inspired

What is Foil Stamping/Embossing?

The art of gold embossing adds flair and excitement to any item; everyone loves to see their name, pressed in gold, in the gift they just received. We use a portable manual embossing machine to do just that, live in front of your attendees. We use traditional type stamps to heat and melt the gold leaf foil into the material for a permanent design that does not flake or rub off. With enough advanced notice, we are also able to custom craft logo stamps for your brand, so that your company branding can also be embossed directly into the items. We are able to emboss leather, paper, plastic, vinyl or wood and we're happy to work with you on bringing your ideas to life. 

We are not limited to just gold leaf foil and can offer a variety of colors.
Please inquire for color options if you feel that a different color might represent your event or brand better. 

Setup requirements are minimal - all we need is a 6 or 8 foot table and a few chairs and access to electricity. We don't take up much space and we're easy to work with!

 What items can be monogrammed?

Below are a few items that we can craft in-house that can be embossed on-site at your event. 
The list below is not exhaustive; just a few ideas of common small leather gift items.

  • Key fobs of various designs

  • Leather journal covers

  • Leather portfolios

  • Luggage tags

  • Passport travel booklets

  • Coasters

  • Golf Scorecard booklets

  • Business card cases

  • Minimalist wallets

  • Since we're a custom leather shop, we're also able to help you design an item that is entirely unique for your brand or event

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